Elite alcohol store chain


LAVINI is a chain of elite alcohol stores with convenient locations, guaranteed service and adequate prices. We have been known under the LAVINI brand since 2017, and since 2008 we have been working under the “Elite Alcohol” brand.
One of the most recognizable chains of alcohol stores in Tashkent

Since its inception, Lavini has enjoyed an impeccable reputation among new and regular customers in Tashkent.

We have the widest range of alcoholic beverages and an impeccable service. Our stores are located in every district of Tashkent and are represented throughout Uzbekistan. Since 2008, in five years, the company has expanded to a chain of elite alcohol stores, and by 2013 there were already six stores in Tashkent. Now we have 12 stores in the capital of Uzbekistan and 40 in the regions.

Thanks to flexible, well-developed and well-coordinated work with our foreign suppliers, we guarantee you low selling prices and prompt processing of both single orders and regular wholesale deliveries. Despite the well-established processes in the work of our alcoholic beverages store, we are constantly working to improve the quality of service and the level of service./span>

During this time, we have gained invaluable experience in the field of handling alcoholic products and can easily help with the selection, purchase, consumption and storage of alcoholic beverages for all sorts of purposes – from replenishing a home bar with exclusive collectible items to buying alcohol for a wedding, anniversary and other events.

Each type of product in Lavini is confirmed by quality certificates. This means that you can always be confident in every purchase in our network.

Lavini also has its own call center for working with clients. This allows you to quickly answer calls, quickly place an order and deliver throughout Uzbekistan exactly on time.

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