Alcohol Siberian Group

Alcoholic Siberian Group (ASG) is one of the largest alcohol producers. At the end of 2019, the volume of production of products under the company’s brands amounted to 7 million decaliters.

The main trade marks of ASG are “Belaya Berezka”, “Husky”, “Sibbitter” and “Five Lakes”. Five Lakes vodka, according to the international Millionaires Club 2018 rating by the Drinks International magazine, is the best-selling Russian-made vodka in the world.


Белая Березка vodka

"Belaya Berezka" is a classic Russian vodka, which is made on the basis of selected grain alcohol of the "Lux" class and the purest natural water. But the main component is natural birch sap, which gives the drink extraordinary softness and a bright, memorable taste. Belaya Berezka is a real premium vodka, it looks elegant on a festive table, and its classic taste is harmoniously combined with traditional dishes of Russian cuisine.

"Vodka with a" Russian soul "and" spiritual "qualities: warmth, sincerity, lyricism. Nothing is more conducive to sincere emotional communication than vodka" Belaya Berezka ", pure, thanks to the use of spring water, and soft, thanks to the addition of real birch sap. Vodka "Belaya Berezka" is prepared on the basis of grain alcohol of the "Lux" class, has undergone multi-stage purification using a silver filter.

Since 2016, "Belaya Berezka" has been presented in an updated form. In the redesign of the brand, the main emphasis is placed on the shape of the bottle, which has no analogues in the Russian market. The key unique element is the concave lens with an optical effect, through which the renewed winter landscape of the Russian countryside is visible. Also new features were acquired by decoration and bottle corking, which made it possible to make the image of the product the most elegant and complete.