Stoli Group

The Stoli ® Group prides itself on being one of the few vertically integrated vodka producers left in the world, as well as a growing force offering the production, marketing, sale and distribution of high quality premium spirits to the modern savvy global consumer.


Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya Premium vodka starts in Russia, Tambov region. In the middle of the wheat fields is the ultra-modern Talvis distillery, which produces the highest quality Alpha alcohol, purifying it from the ether-aldehyde fraction and fusel oils. This is achieved by distilling three times in order to preserve the delicate taste of wheat that is characteristic of Stoli vodka. Then, at the Latvijas balzams distillery, the alcohol is filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand to obtain a vodka of unsurpassed softness.

The history of the Stolichnaya brand begins at the beginning of the 20th century, and the brand that we know well, vodka became in the 1940s in Soviet Russia. Stolichnaya® traveled into space aboard Soyuz 19, pioneered the world of flavored vodkas in the early 1970s, and was savored in cocktails by America's finest actors and greatest presidents. In 1989, the new super-premium vodka line Stolichnaya Cristall was launched, which is now known under the brand name Stolichnaya Gold. Later, in 2003, the production of the ultra-premium Stoli Elit vodka began, which became a completely new level of understanding of the premium quality of vodka. Stoli Elit is the world's most highly regarded vodka.

Stolichnaya vodka is one of the most famous vodka brands in the world. Despite the fact that the trade mark and the vodka recipe were registered back in 1938 in the USSR, vodka began to be produced only after 3 years. Exports to the United States began in 1971. American company PepsiCo was engaged in distribution in America. In the USA Stolichnaya vodka is better known as “Stoli”. In 2000, the British company Allied Domecq bought the rights to sell vodka in the United States.

Until 1999, the Stolichnaya brand belonged to the Russian company Soyuzplodimport, and at the end of the 20th century it was sold to the Dutch company Spirit International (it still owns it). The label of Stolichnaya vodka is very memorable due to the combination of white, red and gold colors. The label also shows the Moscow Hotel, which was built shortly before the registration of the Stolichnaya trademark. On top of the hotel's image there is the name of the vodka in the Latin alphabet "Stolichnaya vodka".

Have you noticed that design, bottle shape and label play an important role in promoting the vodka trademark and establishing it as a brand? The global vodka brands reviewed in the article prove that bottle and label design can make a product unique, bright, memorable, and, importantly, it also affects sales. The Stolichnaya brand is loved by the best bartenders for its light character and smooth taste, which it gives to each cocktail. This is an extraordinary premium vodka for extraordinary people.

Stoli Elit Vodka

Derived from an obsession with precision and unique freeze filtration, Stoli Elit is the culmination of the luxury world of premium vodkas. All vodkas in the Stolichnaya line are made from Alfa alcohol, the highest standard alcohol in accordance with Russian legislation. Stoli Elit stands out from other vodkas not only by using exclusively Alpha alcohol in the production, but also by a unique freeze filtration process, which is the final stage of product creation.

Inspired by the old old Russian tradition of cooling liquids outside in winter conditions, we cool the filtrate down to -18˚C; at this temperature, the liquid thickens, is held and then at a very low speed is passed through ion-charged carbon filters. This process removes even the smallest impurities, resulting in a select product: the purest filtrate with amazing character.

After the freezing process, rest ensues. The filtrate "rests" and gradually returns to ambient temperature, acquiring the properties of molecular perfection: impeccable transparency and purity. The obvious glow in the glass, the voluminous sensation of taste on the tongue distinguish Stoli Elit from a number of other vodkas. Stoli Elit, the world's most highly regarded vodka, opens up new horizons for taste sensations.

The vodka is carefully processed using a centuries-old Russian recipe and a revolutionary freezing process. The result is a sophisticated product that sets a new standard for consumers and creates an entirely new category of ultra-luxury among imported vodkas. To fully appreciate the superiority and purity of handcrafted flavors, the Metropolitan Elite should only be served chilled, on ice, or in a traditional martini with premium flavors. Its creators frowned, mixing it with juices or other sweet concoctions that would mask or tarnish the quality of this excellent vodka.

True to its true character, Stoli Elit is distinguished by its elegant and sleek bottle that creates an aura of confidence and identity. The scent is dry, clean and grainy, with hints of parchment and lychee in the background; later passages offer semi-sweet, slightly smoky, ashy aromas of charcoal and embers. The palate is firm, moderately oily, bittersweet, in the middle of the medium, concentrated and spicy grain flavors blend deftly with the filtering effect of smoky, sweet and resinous birch charcoal.

Bayou Rum

Unique craft rum from Louisiana, USA. He chose from himself the best traditions of the world famous Creole culture and cuisine. Modern production, but based on traditional methods of making rum in small copper stills. Own recipe based on raw sugar from sugarcane and molasses. Excerpt according to the Solera method in oak barrels from American bourbon and Bordeaux wines. The flagship of the Bayou rum line. Master blender Reiniel Vicente matures the Bayou Select blend according to the Soler method in barrels of bourbon and Bordeaux wines. Creamy vanilla aroma with notes of apple and cinnamon. Long-lasting aftertaste with notes of oak and dried fruit.

When we built our Solera aging system, our barrels were overturned on the sides, filled with Bayou rum, and then stacked vertically in a pyramid. The oldest rum barrels were found right on the ground, which means "Solera" in Spanish. When we are harvesting for a batch, the lower barrel is released so that some of its contents can be bottled. This lower barrel is then topped up from the next oldest barrel above it, which is filled from the next oldest barrel, and so on, until we fill the upper barrel with new rum to mix with the older aged rum. For the next aging interval, this happens over and over again. The advantage lies in the natural mixing process for consistent flavor and quality that improves every time we assemble a batch. The result is delicious Bayou Reserve rum.

Bayou White rum is not aged, but for forty days before bottling, it rests in a special storage so that its aromas penetrate each other and acquire softness. Aroma with light notes of vanilla and banana. The aftertaste is creamy, soft. Bayou Spiced Rum spends thirty days in storage, absorbing the aromas and flavors of the famous Creole spices. The scent is a subtle blend of vanilla, maple syrup, cinnamon, cloves and pepper. The finish is long lasting, with a distinct emphasis on Creole spices.

A unique product and a testament to Bayou's mastery of distillation and aging. After distillation in copper stills, the rum was aged for 2.5 years in American rye whiskey barrels. The aroma of smoked oak and spicy spices immediately indicates the uniqueness of this rum. Further, the usual Bayou notes of tropical rum with hints of pineapple and southern fruits are revealed. The palate is bursting with softened notes of tobacco and smoked oak, with a caramelized pineapple aftertaste and a hint of fried banana.

The pinnacle of Bayou craftsmanship and a tribute to New Orleans tradition and Mardi Gras. Aged in oak bourbon and sherry casks according to the Soler method for up to six years. The aroma is slightly floral, with notes of cedar wood, tobacco and dark dried fruits. The taste is multifaceted and multi-layered with hints of tobacco, prunes and a hint of light honey sweetness. The finish is long, with a predominance of honey, tobacco and pepper notes, which is not surprising, given the aging in Jerez barrels.

Cenote Tequila

Cenote is a high quality 100% Azul Tequilana Weber Tequila agave, inspired by the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula and the impressive underground water systems unique to this geographic region. Cenote ™ Tequila has a complex aroma profile that balances aromatic cooked agave with delicate woody notes.

Cenotes are natural swimming holes formed by the collapse of a porous limestone rock that has revealed a secret underground world of crystal clear, fresh water, carefully filtered by the earth. The Maya respected cenotes because they were a source of water in dry times; giving them the name cenote, meaning "sacred well". They believed that cenotes were "windows to the underworld" where gods and goddesses lived, including the rain god Chaak.

Our water comes from an artesian well located in our distillery, which is located at the foot of the Jalisco volcano. The water goes through reverse osmosis and silver ion carbon filters to eliminate the possibility of contamination in the production of Cenote ™ tequila. To produce the highest quality tequila, our agave is matured for a minimum of 6-7 years and then harvested from the low-lying region of Jalisco, Mexico.

Cenote ™ is distilled using a combination of copper and stainless stills to preserve the natural flavor of our liquid. Our Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes takes a unique global approach to the aging of Cenote ™ Tequila. The use of American oak barrels throughout the range allows the agave aromas to shine through while balancing the complex aromas of the Yucatan region.

Ultra-premium tequila, made in Mexico. The brand draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula and the ancient Mayan culture, for which Cenote (sinkholes in karst rock filled with clear water) were the site of sacred rites. Produced from 8-10 year old Weber agave by double distillation using the purest water from the source at the base of the volcano. Distillation master Arturo Fuentes uses his more than ten years of experience in Cognac to create tequila that is unique in aroma and taste. Tequila Cenote is the winner of gold and silver awards at prestigious international competitions.

КАН Tequila

Ultra-premium tequila, made in Mexico. KAH embodies the true spirit of Mexico and the main Latin American holiday, El Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead), when families and friends come together to pay tribute to the departed at a fun party in their honor. Produced from 100% Weber agave in a plant in Jalisco, Mexico. Handmade bottles in the shape of a skull. None of the bottles are 100 percent alike. Tequila KAH is the champion of prestigious international competitions.

Transparent tequila KAH Blanco. The initially sweet taste of agave quickly turns into peppery notes. Awarded 96 points by the Beverage Tasting Institute: the highest rating ever awarded to tequila! Initially sweet, but quickly followed by a hot spice. Silky and delicate, leaving a sachet of spices on the palate. It is this skull that represents the particularly macabre Bolivian tradition of the Day of the Dead celebrations.

The actual skulls of their loved ones are kept and taken out on November 8 each year. After the skull is taken to the cemetery, it is fed with cigarettes and tequila. They believe that this act perpetuates the dead, which in turn helps protect the living from evil spirits. Gold color KAH Reposado. Aged in oak barrels for ten months. Vanilla and caramel flavors complement the intense agave flavor.

Powerful and viscous. Ultra-smooth tequila with a full body and intense agave scent. Aged for 9 months in French Limousin oak barrels, it takes on subtle hints of vanilla and caramel that complement the intense agave aroma. This devilish bottle takes its cues from the Peruvian "Dia de Muertos" celebrations.

Satan's dance is performed in long, hanging, inverted crucifixes. Satan is believed to lead this dance himself! This is done in order to honor the devil, and tequila is poured on the ground as a sacrifice to calm him and protect people. Dark gold color KAH Anejo. Aged in oak barrels for two years. The taste of this aged tequila is complex and rich, where the main motif of agave is intertwined with notes of chocolate, tobacco and coffee. It features powerful agave aromas accompanied by chocolate, tobacco and coffee aromas.

Aged for 2 years in American oak barrels. The bottle is inspired by the Nicaraguan Day of the Dead tradition. Beyond the standard traditions of building temples and gifts, things go even further, and instead of going home after celebrating the grave, many people stay and sleep in the grave yard. They believe this act strengthens the emotional bond between them and the deceased.

Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Kentucky Owl was founded in 1879 by local pharmacist Charles Mortimer Dedman. He and his new bride received a large piece of land on the banks of the Kentucky River as a wedding gift from their adoptive father, a city judge. Managing it with his wife, he decided to build the CM Dedman Distillery. For decades, the company has produced Sage's Bourbon under the designation No. 16 Alcohol Distillery, one of Kentucky's original distilleries and a booming industry.

For decades, the Kentucky Owl continued to flow until Prohibition ended the party. No matter how hard they tried, the Deadman family could not resist the forces of titotalism, moderation and, ultimately, the feds. In 1916, when a total ban was looming, there was a lot of perfectly good bourbon in the local distilleries. In the case of the Kentucky Owl, something like 250,000 gallons of it in various stages of aging.

Federal agents went down to Deadman's distillery, grabbed the bourbon and sent it upriver on a barge to the state capital in Frankfurt for "storage" in a warehouse. Iconic small batch bourbon from Kentucky. The history of this brand goes back to the time of Prohibition in the United States, when the famous distillery was first closed, and then, under mysterious circumstances, the entire stock of expensive alcohols burned down. They say that Al Capone himself put his hand on this. The founder's great-great-grandson, Dixon Deadman, has revived the legendary brand. The very first releases of this bourbon were sold to connoisseurs of collectors and arranged their value in a few years.

Se Busca Mezcal

Premium mezcal is gaining popularity all over the world. Mescal Ce Busca is made in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico using a technology proven by local craftsmen for centuries, when the harvested agave is baked over an open fire in earthen ovens. This gives the characteristic smoky aftertaste. Xie Busca is made from 100% Espadin agave. Unlike most mescals, Xie Busca has aged varieties in the assortment - Reposado and Anejo.

Se Busca, Spanish for Wanted, is a tribute to the brave women of the Mexican Revolution who stood shoulder to shoulder with men in the battle for a new constitution. As implacable as our mezcal, these women were criminals of their time, earning the titles Adelitas and Soldaderas (women in the army). Se Busca Mezcal is our tribute to their battle cry, a cry that proves that there is love in every revolution. The word “Mescal” comes from Nahuatl Mexcalli, which means “oven-baked agave”. This spirit reflects the history, culture and diversity of Mexico.

Se Busca is a super premium mescal artesanal made from 100% Agave Augustifolia espadin, produced in San Juan del Rio, a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico. Se Busca is expertly distilled and matured in the family-run Lopes Sosa Palenque, a craft that has been creating this famous spirit for over 50 years. Combining richly cooked agave and maskita, maestro mezcaleros Rodolfo and Mary Lopez Sosa made this mezcal to embody the spirit of the rebel women of the Mexican Revolution, earning the title “Se Busca”.

SE BUSCA JOVEN is a young mezcal with a characteristic moderately smoky aftertaste. The aroma of espadin agave, fresh vegetables with a hint of caramel on the finish. The palate is refreshing and fruity, followed by an aftertaste with hints of nut and caramel. Cooked with agave and mesquite on the nose, this young mezcal opens with flavors of nuts, fruits and green vegetables, landing in a sweet, weighted finish with a soft spicy punch. SE BUSCA REPOSADO is aged for up to four months in French oak barrels. The aroma goes to the area of hazelnuts, ripe fruits, coconut. Flavors with hints of cereal, baked agave and roasted almonds.

This aged mezcal has sweeter notes. Coconut, sweet almonds and hazelnuts can be revealed in this sophisticated spirit that artfully intertwines with notes of oak, flakes and mesquite to create a rebellious bouquet. SE BUSCA ANEJO is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels. Aroma of oak, vanilla, dates and raisins. The aftertaste reveals notes of baked agave and green vegetables. A perfect balance of rich agave and mesquite, this aged mezcal delivers energetic flavors of sweet oak, dates and raisins, as well as earth in an explosion of green vegetables and spicy boiled agave with a long texture.